Amazon Provides the Most Satisfying Mobile Shopping Experience

February 12, 2013

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ForeSee-Mobile-Retailer-Customer-Satisfaction-Scores-Feb2013Amazon continues to outperform all other online retailers. First, a ForeSee study found it had the highest customer satisfaction rating of all internet retailers during the holiday season, then a Brand Keys study showed it beating the competition in terms of its customers’ emotional engagement. Now, a new study from ForeSee finds that Amazon led all retailers tracked in customer satisfaction with mobile retail experiences during the holiday period.

Overall, among the 25 retailers included in the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index (Holiday Retail Edition), Amazon came out on top with a satisfaction score of 85, ahead of QVC and Apple (each at 83). Amazon’s mobile experience rating, while up a point from last year, slightly trailed its website experience score of 88. Apple, on the other hand, scored 3 points higher for its mobile experience than for its website experience.

The average satisfaction index for the 25 mobile retailers studied was 78, up 2 points from last year, and on par with customer satisfaction with retailer websites.

As with website experiences, highly satisfied mobile shoppers are more likely to exhibit brand loyalty than dissatisfied shoppers. Compared to dissatisfied shoppers, those highly satisfied by their experiences report being:

  • 78% more likely to make a mobile purchase (87% vs. 49%);
  • 52% more likely to purchase from the retailer using a different channel (88% vs. 58%);
  • 64% more likely to purchase from the retailer again the next time they buy similar items (92% vs. 56%); and
  • 56% more likely to recommend the company (92% vs. 59%);

About the Data: The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index analyzes mobile satisfaction scores, impacts, future behaviors, and other key findings through the eyes of the consumer. The report concentrates exclusively on the 25 largest US mobile retailers (as defined by Internet Retailer).

More than 6,200 surveys were collected from visitors to these 25 companies’ mobile commerce applications and sites on phones and tablets from November 21 to December 10, 2012. The study was conducted using a consumer panel. All scores are on a 100-point scale.


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